Joana Almeida



About me

My name is Joana and I'm a graphic designer with a master degree in animation and illustration! After graduating, for a while, I actually became an English tutor for middle and high school students (because I have a certificate in english provided by Cambrige - CPE, Certificate of Proficiency in English), up until the moment I started my internship as a designer. Nowadays I work at an IT company, drawing layouts for mobile Apps and websites, mostly. I'm really into reading as well as binge watching series, going to the movies (a lot) and, of course, watching cartoons (from disney to ghibli) as well as playing videogames. I also play in an academic musical group that we call a Tuna (no, not the fish) here in Portugal. For a long time I praticed martial arts, nowadays I just do yoga! I would say my number one passion is to travel, I love to travel, I've travelled quite a lot since I was little...I am always thinking where my next trip will be!